Wow!! New Technology for New Bathrooms

Technology is pervasive in our lives, providing added convenience and time savings not to mention a healthy dose of wow! At the 2019 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show, the industry’s largest trade show, manufacturers unveiled a bevy of new technology for the bath to bring more functionality and pleasure to homeowners and builders


KBIS, promoted LED lighting features incorporated into tubs, mirrors, vanities, sinks and water closets to provide the right levels of light to better match natural biological processes commonly referred to as circadian rhythms. Controlling lighting levels helps prevent the jolt to your system that bright lights can create when you have to use the bathroom in the middle of the night or early in the morning before the sun comes up. Today’s lighting controls enable homeowners to navigate in the bathroom by providing a gentle glow, or program lighting levels to match needs and lifestyles.

Lighting can be controlled and activated through applications, motion control sensors, voice commands or home assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home. Home assistance can fill a bathtub, turn on a shower, adjust mirror lighting, start a steam bath, play music or activate other smart devices in your home. One manufacturer has embedded Alexa in a mirror so that homeowners can utilize all of Alexa’s functionality while preparing for the day ahead or a night on the town.

Customization is another benefit of technological advances for the bath. Homeowners now have the ability to set the water temperature, steam temperature and lighting preferences for every member of their family in the shower. Advances in showerheads enable homeowners to change spray patterns through Bluetooth-enabled devices thereby eliminating the need to change settings physically. It’s a great feature, especially for those who may have a difficult time reaching the showerhead.

If you thought you had to take a ride on a space ship to float in a gravity-free zone, think again. New, more cost-effective models of tubs that create a zero-gravity environment are available for homeowners. Other high-tech tubs on display combined air technology with a waterfall that massages shoulders while you soak, and featured light and aroma therapies that help to wash away the stresses of the day.

Other fascinating products like water closets that are self-cleaning and deodorizing and an expansion of bidet seats and functionality. Alexa has also been integrated into one toilet model, which enables customers to check the weather, order a driver service or listen to music while on the John.

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ISH – 2017

DPH AT ISH2The World’s Leading Trade Fair for The Bathroom Experience took place in Frankfurt last week.  I was fortunate enough to attend!

ISH has everything, from sustainable sanitation solutions to the most innovative in bathroom design.  The fair covers all aspects of future-oriented building solutions in both horizontal and vertical terms.

Over 2,400 exhibitors, including all market leaders from home and abroad, launch their latest products, technologies and solutions onto the world market at ISH.


Electronics in the bathroom is definitely a force!  From remote controls faucets, toilets, etc.. to Drinking water that is cold, filtered AND Sparkling!

Finishes are a BIG THING!  Bronze metalics, Matte black and white, Rose GOLD
Satin GOLD –  Beautiful new and exciting things are happening to faucets of all kinds!


I am very excited that the most innovative in Design are companies that are already part of our manufacturing groups.


ALAPE – Edge furniture

ZUCCHETTI – Closer and Nude

FALPER – EDGE furniture with stainless steel fronts

TEUCO – Seaside tubs

POMD’OR – Mirage Accessories

HEWI –  Bold and beautiful pieces for ADA BATHS





I find myself discussing design, quality and reliability more often today than ever.

The internet has made us all visual shoppers.  We can not determine, by looking at pictures only, the value of the product.  It is hard to differentiate, and usually we only find out after the purchase, or not even then, as we never get to experience the items we did not buy.


The showrooms and stores still provide the only way you can comparison shop properly.  Pictures are very deceiving  and the products all look beautiful.  In Plumbing at least, the brand will give you the first clue of quality, but not always.  Just because you recognize the name,  it does not mean quality.  It might mean Company size, or marketing.

The design will also tell you a lot about the product, but you do not see the quality of the execution.  The lack of straight lines, the bluntness of edges or corners are not visible in the screen shot,  but will make a product look and feel inferior once in your hands.

Manufacturing in metals particularly becomes costly when done right.  Less expensive versions have to cut corners in order to produce a cheaper product.  You may not see it in the picture, but the lack of quality is still there.   Metal finishes are also dangerous.  Zinc products in pol chrome look OK, but do not do well  in other finishes.

The beauty of a well designed product sometimes is not apparent at first glance.  The three dimensional perception is lacking when shopping on line,  and we can not appreciate depth or volume when all we have is a flat surface.

The quality of products that are used in a home matter.  These are not products that can be easily replaced.  Once purchased we should expect not to have to change or repair it for a long time.  If the product will not survive the use and abuse of a modern home, why buy it?

COME SEE US!  We will help you choose the high quality product for the BEST PRICE POSSIBLE.

Ada Aldana


I am so excited that this show  is coming to Miami.  We at DPH have been attending the New York show every year for the last 5 Years!

It has always been the best show to attend !

I am looking forward to this show because:

  • They do concentrate on Great Design
  • They present it better than anyone else
  • They bring in the BEST manufacturers
  • They bring in the NEW and EXCITING designs


We should make sure that they are Succesful, so that we get the chance to see all of this


Go to their website and look at the NY show…

Register  for ICFF Miami  ( Oct 5 & 6) and ENJOY!!!!