DPH is an independent, family run business. Our showrooms are recognized for featuring the very latest styles in decorative plumbing, fine door and cabinet hardware, and all your kitchen & bath needs. From traditional to contemporary, and everything in between, we have all you need to enhance your project’s sense of personal style, luxury, and convenience. Furthermore, our expertise, versatility, and dedication provide our customers with an exciting and pleasant experience.


At DPH we know product. We search for the most beautiful, advanced and unusual products and protect you from product that does not work or does not meet building codes. Our technical proficiency allows us to prevent and solve installation problems before they occur, and comes in handy when it comes to dealing with the most complex of electronic showers or the most sophisticated installations. We also have a keen eye for detail, and can help you make any decision, down to choosing between French gold or satin gold finishes. Furthermore, our understanding of budgets allows us to find just the right product for you, and our competitive prices and lack of hidden after charges are sure to keep you smiling.

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With our complete product selection you can be sure that we have something that caters to your personal design and architecture. Whether it’s vanities, toilets, steam rooms, or hooks, if it goes in the bathroom, we’ve got it! We buy from all around the world, so we can be sure to get product that best fits the design you have in mind. We have done work from Casa Casuarina opulence, to ultra modern homes. Our door hardware ranges from true Louis  XVII style to the most minimal & contemporary. Much like our products, our customers are also diverse. In addition to serving the Miami area, we also cater to foreign customers. From a Londoner doing an apartment on Miami Beach, to a Latin American building his dream house in the Caribbean, our reach is extensive.

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Because our first concern is good design, we take care of the homeowner who wants new cabinet hardware with the same attention to detail that we offer the architect designing a Master Suite in a luxurious home. But we don’t stop there, that care continues, even after your projects are finished. It is not unusual for us to provide support for a customer 15 years after installation when they need parts, or replacements. As for care during your project, you can be sure that you will receive high quality service from us. We do everything in our power to make sure that things go smoothly for you. For example, we make sure that every last piece, no matter how small, is ordered, received, inspected, and labeled so that they all arrive on time and ready to be installed in the right room.  This ensures that completing your project is the pleasant experience it’s meant to be.

Expertise, versatility, and dedication are qualities we maintain at DPH because we know that our customers appreciate it. However, we also know there is one thing they appreciate even more, and that is that we solve their problems. Over the years we at DPH have come to be known as “the problem solvers”.

Problem Solvers 

No matter what the problem, we can solve it. Whether you are planning a remodel or you’re building a house with design “challenges”, we have the product to help in solving the problems. Our customers have come to us with problems with space, water source, and lighting and we have found alternate solutions for all of them. For example, in-wall toilets will save you four inches of space and invisible hinges will make a door seem as if it is not even there. If you have a design problem, we have the hardware that will solve it. Even the plumbers call us in on their problem installs!

Whatever your problem, we will find the solution!

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