The Technology revolution we have all experienced  in communications  is now also present in Lighting.  Are you aware of the endless possibilities available with LED lights?

We at DPH, are constantly experimenting with the many products available to us.

Strip lighting, indirect lighting, spot lighting, will allow you to create ambiance without sacrificing space, or design.


Light is a fundamental part of life, one that noticeably affects our well being. Adding lights into furniture, furnishings and even walls, will add another layer to the design, a fourth dimension.

ledpic 1.JPG

Low heat emission, small fixture size and long service life make LED’s ideally suited for designing with light.  Subtle nuances in ambiance can be created and specific room areas can be separated or accentuated to create a perfectly composed, holistic effect.

We have added many ideas and continue to update frequently our section on Towel warmers and Lights.  Come visit!

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