Who is who?

Who is who at Designers’s Plumbing & Hardware

Let me introduce the group:

Kathrinn –  Her friendly face is the first one you encounter upon entering DPH She has been with us for less than a year, and yet she is part of the family already! Outgoing and vivacious, she has learned a lot about plumbing and can start the process for you, She has other talents… she is a great photographer,  trouble shooter  and makes incredible Cuban coffee. She treats every customer as if they are guest in her own house!

David –  HE IS THE MAN!  In this business for 15 years, he probably knows more plumbing AND Door hardware than most anyone in town.   Plumbers across the So Florida area know of his vast knowledge, and his hidden drawer of secret weapons to fix “things”. He loves design,  and can spend hours talking to you of what is the best option for a soap dispenser, or a shower valve.  His customers really, really love him!

Ada – Owner of DPH, she has been in the business since 1986.  Remembers every customer, and feels very proud of serving multiple generations of the same family. Travels to shows around the world, and makes sure DP has the newest and the BEST to offer our clientele.  She still loves to get involved in daily sales, and see pictures of the finished work.

Vivian – Has been at DP for seven years.  The most gracious lady you will ever meet!  She is patient, persistent and never gives up until its perfect!!!  She worries about her customers project more than if it were her own.   She is the last to leave the showroom every night,  always thinking of one more thing she can do to make things HAPPEN!

Patry –  She has been with us now for five years.  She started doing specs, but quickly got into sales. She LOVES people!  And of course people love her!  Happy, energetic and oh so sweet!   She loves to help everyone.  She will go the extra mile to make sure her customers are happy.

We then have the back up team.

Karla – who follows up and makes sure all the orders arrive on time

Alberto – who manages the warehouse, inspects the merchandise and schedules all deliveries

Christian-  our driver!  Another friendly face, he is a true ambassador as he goes around making his deliveries

Daniel – our high school intern.  He helps everyone in the warehouse… always bright and energetic

Gyllian – Also a high school intern,  She keeps us organized.  Comes every afternoon to make sure all the files are properly maintained, and all the supplies are in their place.

Ana – our off site support in data entry, purchasing, social media, shipping coordinator and more.

Last but not Least – Dayana , currently on pregnancy leave,  but she is our Social Media, Presentation and Marketing person.  We miss her!