You have now done your research, spent hours on these sites,  and you have LOADS of ideas of how you want your bathroom to look.  If you are at all like the “average consumer” ,  the internet has educated you, but with knowledge,  comes confusion.  ALL the pictures look pretty!  Why spend $500 when there is similar product for $150?  Why the difference?

You know…. In the internet and in real life, you usually get what you pay for!  There are ways to save, but BEWARE!  If it is unbelievably inexpensive,  WORRY!

You know what to buy when you select a dress, or a shirt, or a pair of shoes.  You have been shopping for those all your life.  Plumbing… well, most consumers will buy a bathroom maybe twice or three times in their lifetime.  Expertise is important!

We at DPH work very hard at determining quality vs price point.  We will not try to fool you into thinking the $200 faucet is the same as the $1200, and we carry both!

Design, construction, brass content, ceramic cartridges, water volume, all of these things matter and you need to take them into consideration when deciding your price point.

We also know that we ALL HAVE A BUDGET –  We will guide you thru the painful selection of style / and price, so that you end up with the best YOU can buy.

You can not accomplish doing that  in the internet.   You can not get that in a BIG box store with people that have little experience. Come and see us with all your new plans!  We will help you sort that one out!

Then, you can make an EDUCATED decision of what is truly right for YOU!

We welcome you to real Knowledge!